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MEDREG Strategy 2020-2030

The Mediterranean region is currently lacking a harmonized and coordinated legal framework able to foster international energy cooperation. In order to promote the integration of Mediterranean energy markets...

Consumers: New Report on Best Practices to Enhance Consumer Engagement

Elaborated by MEDREG’s Consumer Working Group, this new report aims at supporting and encouraging MEDREG Members to improve consumer’s engagement within the regulatory process. It provides qualitative information on concrete examples of consumer engagement practices, looking beyond the role of Consumers Associations.
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Diversity is a key strength of energy regulatory associations, stated MEDREG at ERRA’s 16th Energy Investment and Regulation Conference

Participating in the 16th ERRA’s Energy Investment and Regulation Conference in Astana (Kazakhstan) on 25-26 September, MEDREG President Alexandre Santos stated that diversity was a key strength of regulatory associations. He added that Associations are important instruments in addressing diverse challenges together such as investments, the integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), energy efficiency and the incorporation of innovation in consumers’ grids.
The conference was attended by 150 delegates from 31 countries and focused on key regulatory issues the energy sector faces in enhancing the energy security of supply while evolving to accommodate production from increasingly diverse energy sources.
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Another step in the gas cooperation in the euro Mediterranean region

Together with 24 representatives of UfM member states and stakeholders involved in the platform from both shores of the Mediterranean, MEDREG participated in the first meetings of the UfM Gas Platform Working Groups in Paris on 15 September. These kick-off meetings aimed at setting up and defining the structure and roadmap of two studies to be completed by March 2018:

  • An Advisory assessment of the existing and future gas supply-demand balance in the Euro-Mediterranean region
  • The role of LNG in European-Mediterranean gas supply security

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WFER VII Mexico 2018 is open for registration

The 7th World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER VII) which will take place under the theme of “Regulating in a Time of Innovation” on 20-23 March 2018 in Cancún (Mexico) is now open for registration with early-bird fees. MEDREG will participate to the sessions and discussions on regulatory frameworks and best practices. The agenda, practical information and further information on the event are available at
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EgyptERA celebrated the closing of its EU Twinning project in partnership with the Hellenic and Italian energy regulators

On 24 August 2017 in Cairo, the Egyptian Electricity and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency celebrated the closing of its EU Twinning project, taking stock of its main achievements. The project was run in partnership with the Hellenic and Italian energy regulators for a period over 19 months with the aim of contributing to the development of the electricity and renewable energy sector in Egypt. It delivered a comprehensive view to create a competitive environment within the electricity sector which should result in the improvement of the quality of service provided.
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Energy regulators of emerging markets go one step further towards reinforced cooperation

Associations of energy regulators representing emerging economies met in Budapest on 17 July at the 5th High-Level Meeting of Regional Associations of Emerging Markets, an annual meeting organised this year by the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA). They finalised a Framework Document on Cooperation that formalizes their future cooperation, with the view of officially signing the document during the 7th edition of the World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER VII) in Cancun, in March 2018.
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MEDREG is now on LinkedIn!

MEDREG has joined LinkedIn to keep its members, external partners and other energy stakeholders updated with our latest news, publications, reports and events.
Come to visit our new page,  follow us and spread the word to your contacts:
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Regulation at the heart of investment discussions at the Africa Energy Forum

As part of the 3-day event which took place from 7 to 9 June in Copenhagen, MEDREG President advocated the key role of regulation in leveraging investments in the energy sector in Africa. His position was echoed and reaffirmed by investors who stated that a transparent and stable regulatory framework offers the predictability, consistency and certainty they want.
Investors unanimously applauded
the deep structural reforms undertaken by Morocco which has become an extremely attractive market for them.
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See MEDREG President Interview in the Africa Energy Yearbook 2017
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MEDREG explained how it supports infrastructure investments in RES and energy efficiency to Mediterranean and EU stakeholders

On 17 May, the Center for Mediterranean Integration (animated by World Bank) organized a conference to introduce the EU "Clean Energy for All Europeans" Package (also known as "Winter Package") to Mediterranean countries to debate on possible opportunities. MEDREG, represented by Mr. Nicolò di Gaetano, Chair of the Institutional working Group, explained how the organisation supports national regulations and multilateral collaborations to contribute to infrastructures investments in RES and energy efficiency.
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Our latest work explained by members

Find out more about the new approach which has recently been adopted to manage MEDREG’s Electricity Working Group and identify the deliverables.

Learn how MEDREG is contributing to the EU energy policy in the Southern Neighbourhood region in this interview of the European Commission representative.
MEDREG featured in the Africa Energy Yearbook 2017

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