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3rd MEDREG - ECRB Roundtable

27 September 2016
Athens, Greece

The 3rd ECRB-MEDREG roundtable took place on 27 September 2016 in Athens, Greece, kindly hosted by RAE, the Greek energy regulator. The two organizations debated about their respective work on good regulatory principles and regulators' independence as well as discussed the regional initiatives of development in the Balkan and Mediterranean electricity markets. The discussion benefited from several case studies and a lively discussion.
Among the different topics MEDREG explained the work carried out on the voluntary peer-review of EgyptERA and the recommendations on good regulatory principle that resulted from this activity.
Moreover, the Mediterranean electricity Market Observatory was discussed as an example of the involvement of MEDERG in the UfM REM Energy Platform.
Speakers on the MEDREG side included Ms. Veronica Lenzi from the Secretariat, Ms. Gulefsan Dermibas as Chair of the INS WG, Mr. Salvatore Lanza and Mr. Fakir Herdogan both members of the UfM Energy Platform TF.
The two associations concluded the workshop by agreeing to elaborate a joint document summarizing their findings and experiences concerning independence of regulators. The document will be available at this page by 31 October 2016.

download the agenda of the meeting
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MEDREG Annual Report 2015

Mediterranean Energy Regulators perform an increasing number of activities and support the setting up of an efficient regulatory framework for electricity and gas markets in the Mediterranean region.
As the only Association representing the public authorities responsible for electricity and gas regulation of 21 Mediterranean countries, we strongly believe in the central role of independent regulators and will keep on developing recommendations and providing continuous support to our members in this respect.Thanks to the work performed so far to integrate and harmonize electricity and gas markets, MEDREG can be counted among the most relevant organizations in the Mediterranean energy sector.
In the future, MEDREG will increase its commitment to support national regulator in developing and strengthening their role.
It is our pleasure to share these achievements with you and to send you our 2015 Annual Report.

Watch MEDREG Annual Report 2015 online

Download MEDREG Annual Report 2015 here
MEDREG 21st General Assembly, 18th May 2016, Malta

Group Picture -MEDREG 21st General Assembly, 18th May 2016, Malta

The Maltese Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS) kindly hosted the 21st General Assembly (GA) meeting of the Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) in St. Julian’s, Malta. The 21st MEDREG GA has welcomed several achievements that go in the direction of new partnerships for integrating Mediterranean energy policies and lay the foundation for further energy regulatory cooperation activities.

MEDREG contribution to the Egyptian Gas market reform
The 21st MEDREG GA has approved the membership request  presented by the new Egyptian Gas Regulator to become the 25th Member of MEDREG. Since its beginning, MEDREG played a significant role in supporting this new institution, through its Gas Working Group and the expertise provided to the workshop held on 4 April 2016 in Cairo. In line with its Strategy 2020-2030, MEDREG is committed to support the development of competitive and transparent gas markets in member countries. Therefore MEDREG confirmed its commitment to assist the new Egyptian gas regulator through trainings, capacity building activities and support in the initial drafting of Egyptian secondary legislation for the gas sector.

Positive start for the MEDREG Financial Advisory Panel on Energy Regulation
MEDREG launched a dialogue with selected representatives of the international financial institutions
including the World Bank (WB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the Investment Fund for Infrastructures in the Mediterranean Region (INFRAMED). The aim of this ambitious project is to discuss the impact of regulatory changes on financing decisions in order to increase the market awareness on investment opportunities, provide financial expertise with regard to the funding of infrastructure projects and promote a more efficient market for infrastructures.

Exchanges of information and expertise among regulatory associations
held their 2nd joint round-table on regulatory challenges in European and Mediterranean energy markets on 19 May in Malta, bringing their different perspectives and ideas on several hot issues. Through this joint activity, MEDREG and CEER aim at exchanging information and expertise in order to improve the regional integration of energy markets. MEDREG presented the outcomes of four relevant topics that it has recently studied within its Working Groups, such as the role regulators play in balancing the markets, generation with a focus on RES-generated electricity, quality of supply in the distribution segment of electricity markets and the security of supply for the gas markets. CEER continues to represent a positive institutional model of governance for MEDREG since the European energy regulators in the past faced challenges that are similar to those currently taking place in the Mediterranean region.  For this reason, this exchange between CEER and MEDREG has been highly beneficial for the work performed by both organizations, paving the way to further collaboration.

Strengthening the dialogue with external partners
The General Assembly raised the importance of the dialogue with external partners. An open session moderated by MEDREG President Hatem Waheed, welcomed  representatives of international organizations and industrial associations, i.e., the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (Med-TSO). The meeting has been the occasion also to announce the signature of the Cooperation Protocol between MEDREG and ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERERA) foreseen for fall 2016. The agreement will enhance the bilateral collaboration between the two organizations in order to develop common activities and deepen institutional relations and technical exchanges to reinforce their position, mission and expertise.
This session confirmed the concrete interest of the main energy actors of the Mediterranean basin in working together with MEDREG to favor cooperation among governments, parliaments, transmission system operators, market actors and energy regulators.

From right: MEDREG General Coordinator, SERC Commissioner, MEDREG President and MEDREG Vice-Presidents
Supported by the
European Union

News on the energy sector in the Mediterranean
MEDREG: supporting the opening and the development of a regional electricity market

From the right: Mr. Santos (MEDREG Vice -President), Dr. El-Salmawy (MEDREG President), Mr. Carbone (MEDREG Vice -President), Mr. Tambone (MEDREG General Coordinator), Mr. Di Gaetano (Co-Chair MEDREG INS WG), Mr. Van Steen (Head of Unit, DG Energy-EC), Mr. Ristori (Director General,DG Energy-EC), Ms. Bournoville (Senior Expert for the International Relations, Assistant to the Director General DG Energy-EC)

MEDREG participated to the launch and to the first meeting of the UfM Regional Electricity Market (REM) Platform on 12 October in Rabat.

The platform aims to progressively integrate electricity networks and markets of the UfM countries starting from the countries of the southern and eastern coasts of the Mediterranean and secondly integrating these markets with the EU countries. During the event, MEDREG and Med-TSO presented their common view for the electricity market development in the Mediterranean region.

On the same day MEDREG Board met with two relevant partners: the Moroccan Minister of Energy Amara to highlight the importance of creating an independent energy regulator in Morocco starting from 2016; and the Director General of the DG Energy (EC) to underline the interest of the Association for further increasing high-level institutional cooperation between the European Commission and MEDREG.

Click here to download the agenda, the presentation, the speech and the press release
MEDREG Action Plan 2016/2018
TheMEDREG Secretariat is glad to circulate the latest version of the MEDREG Action Plan for 2016/2018
MEDREG Strategy 2020-2030

The Mediterranean region is currently lacking a harmonized and coordinated legal framework able to foster international energy cooperation. In order to promote the integration of Mediterranean energy markets, the European Commission came up with several proposals, in the perspective of the establishment of an EU-Southern Mediterranean energy community. This long term process will require the active involvement of all the concerned actors (political, economic, and regulatory) to pull and work together in the same direction.

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