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UfM Ministerial MEDREG President statement

Rome, 1 December 2016.
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

During the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Ministerial meeting which gathered ministers responsible for energy from 43 Member States, UfM Member States agreed on the importance of starting regional cooperation on energy in the Mediterranean basin, as it is a major factor for security of supply and stability for the entire region.
Incoming MEDREG President, Mr Alexandre Santos, said: “the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators is the only organisation that represents public and independent institutions in the region, supporting and contributing to the creation of a harmonised regulatory framework in the energy sector. A stable and predictable regulatory framework is an important tool to foster investment in our region. We consider that the initiative to establish three UfM Energy Platforms on Electricity, Gas and Renewables is important to enhance the development and integration of the Euro-Mediterranean energy markets in the region. Through MEDREG, regulators stand ready to support this process.”
The Ministerial Declaration on Energy is a major milestone for the entire region and reflects the spirit of cooperation among UfM Member States involved in this process.

Newly elected MEDREG Presidency committed to supporting regulatory reforms in the Southern Mediterranean

MEDREG newly elected Board, from left to right: Vice-President Ms. Gülefşan Demirbaş (EMRA, Turkey), President Mr. Alexandre Santos (ERSE, Portugal), Vice-President Ms. Wijdan Al Rabadi (EMRC, Jordan) and Permanent Vice President, Ms. Valeria Termini (AEEGSI, Italy).

30 November 2016, Rome
On the occasion of the 22nd General Assembly kindly hosted by the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water (AEEGSI) at the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry on 30 November, Mediterranean Energy Regulators their new President, Mr. Alexandre Santos, Member of the Board of Directors of the Portuguese regulator, along with two Vice-Presidents, Mrs. Gülefşan Demirbaş (EMRA, Turkey) and Ms. Wijdan Al Rabadi (EMRC, Jordan). They join the MEDREG Permanent Vice President, Ms. Valeria Termini (AEEGSI, Italy), thus increasing significantly women’s representation at the head of the Organisation. Presenting his vision for the association for the two-year term, Mr Santos, stated: “My main priority will be to strengthen MEDREG’s capability to support its members, through tailor-made approaches that address market and regulatory developments and priorities in our countries.

A good balance of Northern, Eastern and Southern shore members leading the Working Groups and Task Force
The five Working Groups and Task Forces have appointed their Chair, Co-Chair and Vice-Chair, resulting in a good geographical balance between EU and non-EU countries. Members’ engagement in MEDREG’s technical activities has steadily increased, demonstrating the value of exchanging experience and regulatory knowledge. The Organisation remains committed to providing technical support to the work undertaken by the European Commission in the region through its Neighborhood Policy.

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Empowering regulators to facilitate RES deployment

On 16 November 2016, GiZ and Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) discussed how energy regulators can contribute to fighting climate change at a side event which took place in the framework of the COP22 in Marrakech.

Kindly organised by GIZ, the event marked the beginning of MEDREG’s efforts, in collaboration with GIZ and other interested parties, to support the Moroccan Energy Ministry in the establishment of Morocco’s new electricity regulatory authority (ANRE) which is set to assume direct responsibilities for the Moroccan electricity sector within the next year.

Mr. Alexandre Santos opened the discussion stating that regulators should be supported in playing their referee role in the market. The regulators’ role is pivotal to ensure that renewable energy technologies are properly integrated into the grids. Mr. Santos highlighted the insights MEDREG gained with its first peer review of the Egyptian electricity regulator EgyptERA. This activity propelled the creation of a comprehensive set of tools to identify and develop tailor-made activities with the aim of supporting Southern members’ national reforms as well as individual regulatory priorities and needs, including greater attention to sustainable development.

Read more in the Conclusion document.
MEDREG initiative to support EU Twinning Projects on energy regulation

Gathered in Milan on 18 October 2016 at the initiative of MEDREG, European and Mediterranean regulators shared their experience of regulatory twinning projects in order to take stock of its benefits and challenges, as well as the state of play and possible ways forward. The participants included the regulators currently implementing twinning projects in the Mediterranean region: EgyptERA (Egypt), RAE (Greece), AEEGSI (Italy) and CREG (Algeria), CNMC (Spain), E-Control (Austria), as well as EMRC (Jordan), ERE (Albania) and CRE (France). Twinning is an EU-funded instrument that aims at fostering sub-regional and regional integration of the Mediterranean energy market through knowledge sharing.

Regulators stressed the crucial role played by MEDREG in promoting the twinning process among its members, in particular among its Southern shore countries. Beneficiary countries of the EU’s twinning framework praised the very positive impact it has had in improving and reforming their energy regulation.
EgyptERA explained that its involvement in the process allowed the liberalisation of the Egyptian electricity market. For its part, CREG indicated that the twining initiative aims to strengthen its organizational and administrative capacity as the national authority and to improve the quality of public services and to the efficiency of the regulatory framework.

Read more in the Conclusion document
Regional Associations of Emerging Markets express their will to further cooperate

Organised by the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) and MEDREG, the Associations representing regulators of emerging economies met for the fourth time, at a high-level meeting in Milan on 3 November 2016, to develop cooperation and exchange experiences in several areas of energy regulation.
This 2016 roundtable provided updates on the most recent activities of regulators and focused on access to energy and investment environment. It gathered the following regional regulatory associations: ARIAE (Latin American and Iberian countries), ERERA (West Africa), ERRA (Eastern Europe), MEDREG (Mediterranean) and RERA (Southern Africa).

The platform addressed critical issues such as barriers to sustainable energy investments, the role played by RES in supporting off-grid solutions, the main policies enacted to increase energy access and how regulators balance the investors' and consumers' needs in the different emerging regions of the world represented by the participating regulators.
With the perspective of the Word Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER) VII due to take place in Mexico in 2018 and in order to consolidate cooperation, the need to meet more often was stressed. Participants agreed that they could work together to identify a topic of common interest to be included in the WFER VII program.
The possibility of allocating an activity to each regional regulatory association in an area where they are particularly strong was envisaged, as a way of driving change in developing energy markets. This attribution of activity could result into a joint Memorandum of Understanding to be signed in early 2017.

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The Mediterranean region is currently lacking a harmonized and coordinated legal framework able to foster international energy cooperation. In order to promote the integration of Mediterranean energy markets, the European Commission came up with several proposals, in the perspective of the establishment of an EU-Southern Mediterranean energy community. This long term process will require the active involvement of all the concerned actors (political, economic, and regulatory) to pull and work together in the same direction.

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